About Yosee

Yosee is a collaborative Online Think Space that hosts a collection of thoughts of fascinating thinkers.

Yosee looks to improve understanding of problems of today and tomorrow seeking their potential solutions.

Why we write?

  • Describe problems in best detail for smart minds to solve
  • List solutions that enthusiasts can build as their projects
  • Introduce perspectives to a problem
  • Seed new policy ideas or initiatives
  • Ask questions to think about

Why the name?

‘Yosee’ in Tamil means ‘Think’.


Haniya Ahmed – Editor & Curator

Haniya is passionate about policy making & Behavioural Economics.
She believes in bridging the educational gap in India through policy framework.

Ankur Gupta – Author & Moderator
Ankur is an Engineer and a Data Scientist working in the FinTech industry enabling the stock market and research to every strata of the society. He is currently exploring use of AI across different verticals. 

Divya Sornaraja – Founder

Engineer & Entrepreneur. Divya founded Yosee.in with the best of hopes to share quality Thoughts for the welfare of Human Society at large.