About Yosee

Yosee is an Online Think Space that hosts a collection of thoughts.

We look to improve our understanding of today’s and potentially tomorrow’s problems, hoping to find better clarity.

We try to

  • Show problems in better detail and in different views
  • Introduce new perspectives
  • Seed fresh angle to policy ideas or initiatives
  • Reason more profoundly
  • Help build social projects and thought experiments

Why the name?

‘Yosee’ in Tamil means ‘Think’.


Haniya Amjad – Author & Curator

Haniya is an Economics & Finance enthusiast. She loves creating order out of chaos through analysing and visualization of datasets. She currently handles the Operations and Compliance for an NBFC, while exploring the world of Data Science.

Divya Sornaraja – Founder

Divya is an Engineer & Entrepreneur. She founded Yosee.in with the best of hopes to help get fresh perspectives and host wider world views. She currently works on her second Tech-startup and helps running a Non-Banking Financial Company in India.

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