Fighting “fake news” pandemic

So, we have a Fake News problem across today. Below are a few ideas to combat the issue of Fake News:

1. Technology re-design:

While Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp or Google cannot be entirely blamed for the Fake News problem, they can definitely help contain the impact and spread rate of these fake news by a few redesign:


The difficulty in discernment of Truth

We, humans, have had challenges in identifying the Truth throughout, but never before have the challenges been so tall and so complex than the coming days. Today, the intellectual capacity necessary to filter the falsity and curb the ‘fake news’ is rather very high. Earlier, we could just point at a print for proof of facts, but today, the falsity is so profusely mixed in an uncommon unusual proportion that our education doesn’t help us to tackle this future. Thanks to the magnification tool of Internet’s social media and it’s organizational ease, now we can communicate rumors at a speed so much faster