Homeschooling in India: Unschooling Jagani Sisters

In 2018-19, my sisters Kashish & Tanishk had to join additional classes apart from their daily school, entering 9th & 8th standard. They joined these extra classes not because they wanted to, but because their friends were taking them to score better marks and grades in exams. My sisters were not happy about that. Their everyday routine involved school, classes, home-work and preparing for tests, etc., leaving very little time for doing things they truly wanted to do or learn. They hardly got any time to explore their personal interests. There was so much to learn & explore but they got tied among 7 subjects: half of which they were not interested to study and the other half was outdated and irrelevant. The world is changing much faster and the current education system’s content, format and teachings are growing less relevant to this age. We need to set a lifelong-education curriculum/system to our kids to become self-sufficient, employable and grow in all of their interests. Traditional schools are killing curiosity and are making kids less adaptable to change, making life difficult for these kids. We, parents, are also to blame for dodging a kid’s questions as silly.